Day Surgery book cover

Day Surgery

A Nursing Approach

This book covers all aspects of day surgery from a nurses viewpoint. Content addresses technical aspects of care as well as patient selection, assessment and screening, ethical and legal implications, management of resources, and quality assurance. Nurses working in day surgery units will find it an indispensable guide to current practice.

Paperback, 260 Pages

Published: December 1998

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-443-05343-6


  • Introduction. Patient Selection. Patient Assessment. Preparation for Procedures. Operating Room Practice. Endoscopy Practice. Specialist Procedures. Technological Advances. Pharmacological Advances. Framework for Care in Day Surgery. Caring for the Patient as an Individual. Procedures Undertaken in Day Surgery. Specific Care Groups. Scope of Accountability, Responsibility and Professional Practice. Legal Issues. Case Law Examples. Researach Methods. Critique the Research. Generating Research in Day Surgery. Management Issues. Quality Assurance. Education. Conclusion.


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