Database Archiving

How to Keep Lots of Data for a Very Long Time


  • Jack Olson, Chief Technology Officer, NEON Enterprise Software

With the amount of data a business accumulates now doubling every 12 to 18 months, IT professionals need to know how to develop a system for archiving important database data, in a way that both satisfies regulatory requirements and is durable and secure. This important and timely new book explains how to solve these challenges without compromising the operation of current systems. It shows how to do all this as part of a standardized archival process that requires modest contributions from team members throughout an organization, rather than the superhuman effort of a dedicated team.
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Database archive analyst, database administrators, data modelers, applications developers, system analysts, IT Management.


Book information

  • Published: November 2008
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-374720-4


"This is a thorough discourse on data archiving--what it is, how to approach it, and how to execute on it." --John Schley, Data Architect at Principal Financial Group

Table of Contents

Part 1: Archiving BasicsChapter 1: On Overview of Database Archiving Chapter 2: An Overview of Business IssuesChapter 3: Generic Archiving MethodologyChapter 4: Basic ComponentsPart 2: Establishing a Database Archiving ProjectChapter 5: Origins of a Database Archiving ProjectChapter 6: Resources NeededChapter 7: Locating Data Chapter 8: Locating MetadataChapter 9: Data and Metadata ValidationPart 3: Designing Database Archiving ApplicationsChapter 10: Designing for Archive IndependenceChapter 11: Modeling Archive DataChapter 12: Setting Archive PoliciesChapter 13: Changes to Data Structures and PoliciesPart 4: Database Archiving Application SoftwareChapter 14: The Archive DatabaseChapter 15: The Archive Extractor Component Chapter 16: The Archive Discard Component Chapter 17: The Archive Access Component Part 5: Administration of the Archive Chapter 18: Testing Your ApplicationChapter 19: Managing Archive Data over TimeChapter 20: Managing Users Chapter 21: Managing ChangesPart 6: Business and Legal IssuesChapter 22: Non-operational Sources of Data Chapter 23: The Archive and the legal departmentChapter 24: The Archiving ASPAppendix A: Generic Archiving Checklist Appendix B: Goals of a Database Archiving SystemAppendix C: Job Description of Data Archivist