Data Insights book cover

Data Insights

New Ways to Visualize and Make Sense of Data

Data Insights offers multi-disciplinary perspectives and useful information about how visualizations can open your eyes to data. This thought-provoking book takes a conversational approach to presenting an overview of the subject, while also focusing on key details. It highlights the ideas and work of a variety of people who are actively contributing to this still emerging field. Case studies from business analytics, healthcare, games, security, and network monitoring, among others, portray what is going on in data visualization today. A diverse blend of original illustrations and real-world examples, both classical and cutting-edge, help fill in the picture.

This book provides an approachable overview of important aspects of data visualization, and…

  • Demonstrates, with a variety of case studies, how visualizations can foster a clearer and more comprehensive understanding of data
  • Answers the question, "How can data visualization help me?" with discussions of how it fits into a wide array of purposes and situations
  • Makes the case that data visualization is not just about technology; it also involves a deeply human process


Technical marketing professionals and researchers, content strategists, web and product designers, computer professionals and researchers that need to present data in an easy to understand way

Paperback, 320 Pages

Published: November 2012

Imprint: Morgan Kaufmann

ISBN: 978-0-12-387793-2


  • "Hunter Whitney thoughtfully interprets 20 years of technical successes in information visualization for a broader audience.  He tells the grand story of scientific breakthroughs in an engaging way for a wide audience, packed with thought-provoking quotes and eye-catching examples that powerfully present this profound advance in human capacity for insight."
    - Ben Shneiderman, University of Maryland


  • Chapter 1 From Terabytes to Insights
    Chapter 2 A More Beautiful Question
    Chapter 3 Winning Combinations: Working with the Ingredients of Data Visualization
    Chapter 4 Pathways, Purposes, and Points of View
    Chapter 5: Views You Can Use
    Chapter 6 Thinking…Machines
    Chapter 7 Hindsight, Foresight, and Insight


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