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Data Hiding

Exposing Concealed Data in Multimedia, Operating Systems, Mobile Devices and Network Protocols

As data hiding detection and forensic techniques have matured, people are creating more advanced stealth methods for spying, corporate espionage, terrorism, and cyber warfare all to avoid detection. Data Hiding provides an exploration into the present day and next generation of tools and techniques used in covert communications, advanced malware methods and data concealment tactics. The hiding techniques outlined include the latest technologies including mobile devices, multimedia, virtualization and others. These concepts provide corporate, goverment and military personnel with the knowledge to investigate and defend against insider threats, spy techniques, espionage, advanced malware and secret communications. By understanding the plethora of threats, you will gain an understanding of the methods to defend oneself from these threats through detection, investigation, mitigation and prevention.


Penetration Testers, Incident Response teams, Information Security Analysts

Paperback, 350 Pages

Published: November 2012

Imprint: Syngress

ISBN: 978-1-59749-743-5


  • "This is one of those threats that confounds and frustrates digital forensics examiners today.  Steganography is only used by the more sophisticated bad guys. This book helps to bring this threat out from behind the green door."
    -Jim Christy, Special Agent (Ret), HQE/Director, Futures Exploration (FX)/Department of Defense Cyber Crime Center  (DC3)

    "This book is the most comprehensive text yet published about Steganography, with coverage of everything from the history of the art and science of hiding data to the myriad applications and mechanisms of digital stego. This is a must-read for any serious student of the field."
    -Gary C. Kessler, Ph.D., CCE, CISSP / Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

    "From the age old "cloak and dagger" images; to the age old fable of "which came first, the chicken or the egg", data hiding is the  backbone of information security or insecurity. Data Hiding brings the past, present, and future of data hiding out from under the cloak into the sunlight. Giving real world examples and more importantly how to defend against them."
    -Richard Rushing, CISO, Motorola Mobility


  • Chapter 1 History of Secret Writing

    Chapter 2 Four Easy Data Hiding Exercises

    Chapter 3 Steganography

    Chapter 4 Multimedia Data Hiding

    Chapter 5 Data Hiding among Android Mobile Devices

    Chapter 6 Apple iOS Data Hiding

    Chapter 7 Operating System Data Hiding

    Chapter 8 Virtual Data Hiding

    Chapter 9 Data Hiding in Network Protocols

    Chapter 10 Forensics and Anti-Forensics

    Chapter 11 Mitigation Strategies

    Chapter 12 Futures


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