Damped Wave Transport and Relaxation book cover

Damped Wave Transport and Relaxation

Transient problems in transport phenomena have a variety of applications, ranging from drug delivery systems in chemotherapy in bioengineering to heat transfer to surfaces in fluidized bed combustion (FBC) boilers in mechanical engineering. However, the attention given to transient problems is disproportionate with its occurrence in the industry. Damped Wave Transport and Relaxation looks at transient problems in heat, mass and momentum transfer: including non-Fourier effects of conduction and relaxation; non-Fick effects of mass diffusion and relaxation; and non-Newtonian effects of viscous momentum transfer and relaxation. The author also reviews applications to current problems of interest and uses worked examples and illustrations to describe the manifestations of using generalized transport equations. This book is intended for graduate students in transport phenomena and is an ideal reference source for industrial engineers.

Graduate students and engineers in transport phenomena

Hardbound, 462 Pages

Published: October 2005

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-51943-6


  • 1. The Damped Wave Conduction and Relaxation Equation.
    2. Transient Heat Conduction and Relaxation.
    3. Transient Mass Diffusion and Relaxation.
    4. Transient Momentum Transfer and Relaxation.
    5. Applications.


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