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Diagnostic Principles and Clinical Correlates, Expert Consult - Online and Print

This new edition examines the latest diagnostic techniques for the interpretation of a complete range of cytological specimens. It is concise, yet covers all of the organ systems in which the procedure is used, with the number of pages devoted to each body site proportional to the clinical relevance of cytology for that site. Inside, you’ll find new information on ductal lavage cytology and expanded coverage of FNA performance, keeping you current with the newest procedures. Over 700 full-color illustrations provide you with a real-life perspective of a full range of cytologic findings. Each chapter includes a discussion of indications and methods, along with a section on differential diagnosis accompanied by ancillary diagnostic techniques such as immunohistochemistry and molecular biology, where appropriate. As an Expert Consult title, it includes online access to the complete text of the book, fully searchable-as well as all of the images downloadable for your personal use-at

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Reviewed by:  Date: June 2014

Cytopathologists, Surgical pathologists, Cytotechnologists


Published: January 2009

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-1-4160-5329-3


  • 1. Cervical and Vaginal Cytology, Edmund S. Cibas

    2. Respiratory Tract, Christopher A. French

    3. Urine and Bladder Washings. Andrew A. Renshaw

    4. Pleural, Pericardial, and Peritoneal Fluids, Edmund S. Cibas

    5. Peritoneal Washings, Edmund S. Cibas

    6. Cerebrospinal Fluid, Edmund S. Cibas

    7. Gastrointestinal Tract, David W. Kindelberger and Helen H. Wang

    8. Breast, Barbara S. Ducatman and Helen H. Wang

    9. Thyroid, Edmund S. Cibas

    10. Salivary Gland, Jeffrey F. Krane and William C. Faquin

    11. Lymph Nodes, Paul E. Wakely , Jr. and Edmund S. Cibas

    12. Liver, Barbara S. Ducatman

    13. Pancreas and Biliary Tree, Jian Shen and David W. Kindelberger

    14. Kidney and Adrenal Gland, Andrew A. Renshaw and Edmund S. Cibas

    15. Ovary, Edmund S. Cibas

    16. Soft Tissue, Xiaohua Qian

    17. Laboratory Management, Edmund S Cibas



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