Cybersecurity Operations Handbook


  • John Rittinghouse, PhD, CISM, SVP, Professional Security Services at SecureInfo Corporation in San Antonio, TX
  • William M. Hancock, PhD, CISSP, CISM, VP of Security and Chief Security Officer, Cable & Wireless, one of the largest telecom and hosting companies in the world.

Cybersecurity Operations Handbook is the first book for daily operations teams who install, operate and maintain a range of security technologies to protect corporate infrastructure. Written by experts in security operations, this book provides extensive guidance on almost all aspects of daily operational security, asset protection, integrity management, availability methodology, incident response and other issues that operational teams need to know to properly run security products and services in a live environment. Provides a master document on Mandatory FCC Best Practices and complete coverage of all critical operational procedures for meeting Homeland Security requirements.
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Security management, security practitioners, government security operations teams.


Book information

  • Published: August 2003
  • Imprint: DIGITAL PRESS
  • ISBN: 978-1-55558-306-4

Table of Contents

Why worry about Security?; Network Security Management Basics; Security Foundations; Firewalls and Perimeters; VPNs and Remote Access; Intrusion Detection in Depth; Securing Communications; Keys, Signatures, Certificates, and PKI; Hacker Exploits; Incident Handling Basics; Forensics, Investigation, and Response; Security Diligence; Business Continuity Planning; Auditing Fundamentals; Security-Management Issues; Outsourcing and Security; Security Service Level Agreements; Future Trends in Security; Sample Policy Documents Appendices: Audit Program for Networks; Useful URLs; Non-Disclosure Agreement; Professional Services Agreement; Physical Security Guidelines; NRIC Preventative Best Practices for Cybersecurity; NRIC Cybersecurity Recovery Best Practices; NRIC Physical Security Best