Cybermarketing book cover


How to Use the Internet to Market Your Goods and Services

'Cybermarketing' is a no-nonsense structured guide to using the Internet for marketing and is essential reading for all marketers and managers who need to know how to use the Internet to promote and sell their product.This new edition both follows on the success of and adds significantly to the first edition by:* Increasing the up to date case material* Having a live Internet site to support the book * Adding a collection of key URLs for market research purposes* Adding a new section on marketing information systems* More coverage on electronic direct and 1 to 1 marketing* Covering intranets for Marcomms in more depth* Building on 'Justifying the Business Case'* Updated and expanded information on pricing and branding.This new edition, confirms 'Cybermarketing' as both the most comprehensive and accessible guide to the net for marketing professionals at all levels.

Marketing practitioners, CIM members and students, MBA marketing undergraduate students, executive courses.


Published: August 2000

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-4704-5


  • Marketing with the Internet; Finding out about your world and your market; Researching your markets on the Internet; Making your information system work; Segmentation: establishing a niche in the global market; Exploiting your global niche: the best marketing mix; Promoting yourself online; Producing your promotional materials online; E-commerce: selling online; Where is all this taking us?


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