Cyber Security and IT Infrastructure Protection


  • John Vacca, Renowned author of Computer and Information Security Handbook 2E ISBN: 9780123943972

This book serves as a security practitioner’s guide to today’s most crucial issues in cyber security and IT infrastructure. It offers in-depth coverage of theory, technology, and practice as they relate to established technologies as well as recent advancements. It explores practical solutions to a wide range of cyber-physical and IT infrastructure protection issues.

Composed of 11 chapters contributed by leading experts in their fields, this highly useful book covers disaster recovery, biometrics, homeland security, cyber warfare, cyber security, national infrastructure security, access controls, vulnerability assessments and audits, cryptography, and operational and organizational security, as well as an extensive glossary of security terms and acronyms.

Written with instructors and students in mind, this book includes methods of analysis and problem-solving techniques through hands-on exercises and worked examples as well as questions and answers and the ability to implement practical solutions through real-life case studies. For example, the new format includes the following pedagogical elements:
• Checklists throughout each chapter to gauge understanding
• Chapter Review Questions/Exercises and Case Studies
• Ancillaries: Solutions Manual; slide package; figure files

This format will be attractive to universities and career schools as well as federal and state agencies, corporate security training programs, ASIS certification, etc.

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Information security practitioners at the managerial, operational and technical levels. Job titles include IT Manager, Information Security Officer, IT Security Analyst, Security Auditor, etc. This book will also be of value to students in upper-level courses in information security management.


Book information

  • Published: September 2013
  • Imprint: SYNGRESS
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-416681-3

Table of Contents

Ch 1. Fault Tolerance and Resilience in Cloud Computing Environments
Ch 2. Data Encryption
Ch 3. Public Key Infrastructure
Ch 4. Physical Security Essentials
Ch 5. Disaster Recovery
Ch 6. Biometrics
Ch 7. Homeland Security
Ch 8. Cyber Warfare
Ch 9. System Security
Ch 10. Securing the Infrastructure
Ch 11. Access Controls
Ch 12. Assessments and Audits
Ch 13. Fundamentals of Cryptography
Ch 14. Satellite Cyber Attack Search and Destroy
Ch 15. Advanced Data Encryption