Cyber Crime Investigations

Bridging the Gaps Between Security Professionals, Law Enforcement, and Prosecutors


  • Anthony Reyes, Retired Detective with the New York City Police Department's Computer Crimes Squad, USA
  • Richard Brittson, Retired Detective with the New York City Police Department's Computer Crimes Squad, USA
  • Kevin O'Shea, Homeland Security and Intelligence Specialist, University of New Hampshire, USA
  • James Steele

Written by a former NYPD cyber cop, this is the only book available that discusses the hard questions cyber crime investigators are asking.The book begins with the chapter “What is Cyber Crime?” This introductory chapter describes the most common challenges faced by cyber investigators today. The following chapters discuss the methodologies behind cyber investigations; and frequently encountered pitfalls. Issues relating to cyber crime definitions, the electronic crime scene, computer forensics, and preparing and presenting a cyber crime investigation in court will be examined. Not only will these topics be generally be discussed and explained for the novice, but the hard questions —the questions that have the power to divide this community— will also be examined in a comprehensive and thoughtful manner. This book will serve as a foundational text for the cyber crime community to begin to move past current difficulties into its next evolution.
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This book’s intended audience includes IT security professionals, prosecutors, and police officers who investigate cyber crime. This book is appropriate for both novice investigators as well as seasoned cyber crime fighters. Regardless if the reader conducts cyber investigations, computer forensics, intrusion detection, system security, e-discovery, prosecution of cyber criminals, or research in this field—all will find that this book provides invaluable insight into cyber crime’s most pressing and contentious issues.


Book information

  • Published: March 2007
  • Imprint: SYNGRESS
  • ISBN: 978-1-59749-133-4

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction: The Problem at HandChapter 2: Cyber Crime Vs. Traditional Crime Chapter 3: Criminal Vs. Civil Chapter 4: Cyber Investigative RolesChapter 5: Incident ResponseChapter 6: Crime Scene DocumentationChapter 7: Evidence CollectionChapter 8: Conducting Cyber Investigations Chapter 9: Computer ForensicsChapter 10: Analyzing Data Chapter 11: Preparing for Prosecution and Testifying in CourtChapter 12: Summary