Current Topics in Developmental Biology

Series Editor:

  • Gerald Schatten, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, PA, U.S.A.

Current Topics in Developmental Biology provides a comprehensive survey of the major topics in the field of developmental biology. The volumes are valuable to researchers in animal and plant development, as well as to students and professionals who want an introduction to cellular and molecular mechanisms of development. The series has recently passed its 30-year mark, making it the longest-running forum for contemporary issues in developmental biology.
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Developmental biologists, cell biologists, genetics researchers, molecular biologists, and plant and animal biologists


Book information

  • Published: November 2005
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-153171-3

Table of Contents

Chapter 1The Choroid Plexus-Cerebrospinal Fluid System: From Development to AgingZoran B. Redzic, Jane E. Preston, John A. Duncan, Adam Chodobski, Joanna Szmydynger-ChodobskaChapter 2Zebrafish Genetics and Formation of Embryonic Vasculature Tao P. ZhongChapter 3Leaf Senescence: Signals, Execution, and Regulation Yongfeng Guo, Susheng Gan Chapter 4Muscle Stem Cells and Regenerative MyogenesisIain W. McKinnell, Gianni Parise, Micahel A. RudnickiChapter 5Gene Regulation in Spermatogenesis James A. MacLean II, Miles WilkinsonChapter 6Modeling Age-Related Diseases in Drosophila: Can this Fly?Kinga Michno, Diana van de Hoef, Hong Wu, Gabrielle L. BoulianneChapter 7Cell Death and Organ Development in PlantsHilary J. RogersChapter 8The blood-testis barrier: Its biology, regulation and physiological role in spermatogenesisChing-Hang Wong, C. Yan ChengChapter 9Angiogenic factors in the pathogenesis of preeclampsiaHai-Tao Yuan, David Haig, S. Ananth Karumanchi