Current Topics in Developmental Biology, 33 book cover

Current Topics in Developmental Biology, 33


Published: April 1996

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-153133-1


  • Contributors.Preface.MAP Kinases in Mitogenesis and Development, J.E. Ferrell, Jr..The Role of the Epididymis in the Protection of Spermatozoa, B.T. Hinton, M.A. Palladino, D. Rudolph, Z.J. Lan, and J.C. Labus.Sperm Competition: Evolution and Mechanisms, T.R. Birkhead.The Cellular Basis of Sea Urchin Gastrulation, J. Hardin.Embryonic Stem Cells and in Vitro Muscle Development, R.K. Baker and G.E. Lyons.The Neuronal Centrosome as a Generator of Microtubules for the Axon, P.W. Bass.Index.


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