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Current Challenges in Personalized Cancer Medicine

For this volume of Advances in Pharmacology we have brought together some of the foremost basic science and clinical researchers to discuss some of the new frontiers in the development of targeted cancer therapy. Although still in its formative stages, the development of targeted cancer therapies has already shown incredible promise in a limited number of cancer types. As basic cancer research and drug development continues, we expect this number to grow and more patients to benefit from these exciting advances. Through better patient selection and novel strategies to manage resistance, a future can be envisaged in which cancer can be reduced to the level of a chronic, manageable disease.


Pharmacologists, immunologists, and biochemists

Included in series
Advances in Pharmacology

Hardbound, 576 Pages

Published: September 2012

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-397927-8


      1. Vertical pathway targeting in cancer therapy
      2. David Shahbazian, Joshua Sznol and Harriet M. Kluger

      3. Histone Deacetylases (HDACs) as Mediators of Resistance to Apoptosis in Melanoma and as Targets for Combination Therapy with Selective BRAF Inhibitors
      4. Fritz Lai, Lei Jin, Stuart Gallagher, Branka Mijatov, Xu Dong Zhang and Peter Hersey

      5. Targeting the tumor stroma as a novel treatment strategy for breast cancer - shifting from the neoplastic cell-centric to a stroma-centric paradigm
      6. Julia Tchou, Jose Conejo-Garcia

      7. Targeting the Metabolic Microenvironment of Tumors
      8. Kate M. Bailey, Jonathan W. Wojtkowiak, Arig Ibrahim Hashim and Robert J. Gillies

      9. Targeted Therapy for Matastasis
      10. Michael A. Davies

      11. Emerging Strategies for Targeting Cell Adhesion in Multiple Myeloma
      12. Rajesh R Nair, Anthony W Gebhard, Michael F Emmons and Lori A Hazlehurst

      13. Targeting Notch Signaling for Cancer Therapeutic Intervention
      14. Hongwei Shao, Qinghua Huang and Zhao-Jun Liu

      15. Stem-like cells and therapy resistance in squamous cell carcinomas
      16. Nicole Facompre, Hiroshi Nakagawa and Meenhard Herlyn, Devraj Basu

      17. Targeting the tumor stroma as a novel therapeutic approach for prostate cancer
      18. Omar E. Franco

      19. Resistance to chemotherapy: short-term drug tolerance and stem cell-like subpopulations
      20. Kevin J. Basile and Andrew E. Aplin

      21. Intratumoral Heterogeneity as a Therapy Resistance Mechanism: Role of Melanoma Subpopulations
      22. Rajasekharan Somasundaram, Jessie Villanueva and Meenhard Herlyn

      23. Chemoprevention of Melanoma
      24. SubbaRao V. Madhunapantula and Gavin P. Robertson

      25. Whole genome and exome sequencing of melanoma: a step toward personalised targeted therapy
      26. Ken Dutton-Regester and Nicholas K. Hayward

      27. Targeted Therapy for Gastric Adenocarcinoma
      28. Khaldoun Almhanna

      29. HSP90 Inhibitors for Cancer Therapy and Overcoming Drug Resistance
      30. Komal Jhaveri and Shanu Modi

      31. Apoptosis in Targeted Therapy Responses: The Role of BIM

      Anthony C. Faber, Hiromichi Ebi, Carlotta Costa and Jeffrey A. Engelman



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