Culture, Religion & Childbearing book cover

Culture, Religion & Childbearing

A Handbook for Health Professionals

This book will enable health care professionals, particularly midwives, to understand the spectrum of cultural and religious issues that affect the quality of care that they can give to women and their families during child bearing. They are encouraged
to reflect on their own attitudes and assumptions and are offered ways of improving their communication skills in this very sensitive area. Research based, the book also draws on interviews conducted specifically for this publication.

In a plural society, everyone involved in providing, planning and managing women's health services requires special skills to meet individual cultural and religious needs. This unique and sensitive book presents down-to-earth, practical and constructive
ways of enhancing practice in all areas of women's health care. It is rooted in the experiences and views of women and their families and offers: * a framework for identifying and meeting individual needs in line with the principles of the Patient's
Charter and Changing Childbirth * information about how culture and religion influence personal needs * opportunities to reflect on current practice * concrete and supportive guidance on essential interpersonal skills * practical approaches to creating a accessible and responsive service which benefits everyone equally * guidance for members of Maternity Services Liaison Committees, educators, managers and purchasers * sample quality standards The book is an important and invaluable resource for all midwives and for other health professionals working with women. Health visitors, family planning staff and doctors will all find it immensely useful. Its wealth of references make it ideal for undergraduate and postgraduate students. 'This book demands the reader's recognition of their own culture and beliefs and leads in both a gentle and sometimes challenging way into an understanding of other people's cultural perspectives. It is an essential book for every student of midwifery, whether at the beginning of their career or as part of their continuing learning within midwifery practice' - Lea Jamieson, Head of Midwifery and Women's Health Studies, Nightingale Institute, King's College, University of London.
REVIEW: '..contains much of relevance for all health care professionals, irrespective of discipline. A real joy to review, this book is good, clearly written, and sensitive. Read it! - Trudy Stevens, Researcher-Practitioner/Anthropologist, MIDIRS Midwifery Digest, September 1996.
Judith Schott and Alix Henley bring together a unique combination of expertise in training, research and writing. They have in-depth knowledge of health care issues, communication skills and the needs and perspectives of different groups in a multi-racial society.

Paperback, 384 Pages

Published: February 1996

Imprint: Books For Midwives

ISBN: 978-0-7506-2050-5


  • Culture, 'Race' and Health Care - culture and difference, immigration and change, racial discrimination, challenging inequalities; Communication - in a multi racial society, language barriers, interpreters, written material; Implications for Practice - finding out what people need, religious belief, relationships and roles, daily living, pregnancy and antenatal care, labour and birth, childbearing losses, implications for service providers and educators; Specific Health Issues - female circumcision, HIV and AIDS, substance use, Tay-Sachs disease; Specific Cultures and Religions.


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