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Crystallization Process Systems

Crystallization Process Systems gives a clear, concise, balanced and up to date presentation of crystallization and solid-liquid separation of the crystalline product. The information is presented in a coherent, concise and logical sequence based on the fundamentals of particulate crystallization processes as systems.By emphasising the analysis, design and operation of particulate crystallization processes as systems, the reader will be able to make a better judgement about the best, cheapest and most effective production method to use.Crystallization Process Systems gives a wider view and an overview of the subject of crystallization as a whole. It provides an ideal lead-in to more specialized works such as Crystallization and Solid-Liquid Separation - also published by BH.


Published: April 2002

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-5520-0


  • " of it (the book) break new ground. The work and ideas quoted on secondary nucleation scale-up and the mechanisms involved in the process of crystallization are up to date and authoritative." John Mullin, Crystallization. "...the reader interested in integrated systems will not need to consult another textbook except when requiring greater depth in specific areas, in such a case he/she will go to other, more in-depth texts like mine (S-L S) or Professor Mullin's book...the approach is informative, coherent and consistent in the depth/level of's going to be good." Lladislav Svarovsky, Solid-Liquid Separation "I fully support the idea of integrating all necessary information concerning crystallization and solid-liquid separation processes into one book...a book offering such an integrated approach would definitely be welcomed." Dr. J. Hostomsky, Institute for Inorganic Chemistry, Czech Republic.


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