Crust and Lithosphere Dynamics

Treatise on Geophysics

Edited By

  • Anthony B Watts, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK

Crust and Lithosphere Dynamics brings together the results of studies that are fundamental to our understanding of crust and lithosphere dynamics. It begins with a discussion of plate kinematics and mechanics. Then it considers the evidence from surface heat flow, stress measurements, and magmatism for the thermal and mechanical structure of the lithosphere. Finally, consideration is given to the structural styles of faulting, the deformation of the crust and lithosphere in extensional (e.g. rifting) and compressional (e.g. mountain building) regions, and the implications of plate mechanics for sedimentary basin evolution.
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Book information

  • Published: August 2009
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-53462-0

Table of Contents

6.01 An Overview, 6.02 Plate Tectonics, Pages 49-98, P. Wessel, 6.03 Plate Rheology and Mechanics, 6.04 Plate Deformation, 6.05 Heat Flow and Thermal Structure of the Lithosphere, 6.06 Lithosphere Stress and Deformation, 6.07 Magmatism, Magma, and Magma Chambers, 6.08 Dynamic Processes in Extensional and Compressional Settings: The Dynamics of Continental Breakup and Extension, 6.09 Dynamic Processes in Extensional and Compressional Settings ? Mountain Building: From Earthquakes to Geological Deformation, 6.10 Fault Mechanics, 6.11 Tectonic Models for the Evolution of Sedimentary Basins.