Cross-Cultural Behaviour in Tourism

concepts and analysis


  • Yvette Reisinger, PhD, Associate Professor at the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Temple University, Philadelphia, USA
  • Lindsay Turner, Professor, Head of School of Applied Economics, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia

Cross-Cultural Behaviour in Tourism: Concepts and Analysis is important reading for those in the following areas of industry:

* Tourism: illustrates the importance of cultural background in the tourist experience and how it is a major determinant in repeat visitation
* Marketing: provides an understanding of the cultural background of a destination that is vital when formulating successful marketing strategies
* Management: provides valuable examples on how cultures influence tourist behaviour and decision-making, helping managers to develop cross-cultural skills and deal with tourists from diverse cultural backgrounds

Tourism is a service industry where people from different nationalities meet. In today's international marketplace it is imperative that those in the industry understand the influence of national cultures on their consumers in order to compete successfully for a market share.

The book is accompanied by online resources which can be found at'ISBN=9780750656689 These resources include an account of Hypothesis Testing, together with a detailed glossary and a comprehensive reference list of relevant materials.
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Final year tourism degree students, tourism masters and PhD students, faculty libraries, some practitioners and tourism managers.


Book information

  • Published: November 2002
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-5668-9


"... Cross Cultural Behaviour in Tourism makes a major contribution to understanding cultural differences across nations and the impact of host and guest behavior... Reisinger and Turner's work on this complicated and multidimensional subject will be invaluable to those who follow." Charles R. Goeldner, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Marketing and Tourism, University of Colorado at Boulder, USA and Editor, Journal of Travel Research "This comprehensive, well-researched and excellently written book is a must for every tourism student, researcher, and practitioner who comes in contact with tourists of different nationalities." Abraham Pizam, PhD, Professor and Dean, Rosen School of Hospitality Management, University of Central Florida, USA ""This is a welcome addition to existing literature in tourism. This well researched book provides an in-depth analysis of cross-cultural issues and cross-cultural relationships prevailing in the backdrop of tourism encounters. The authors are to be commended for their timely contribution. " Professor Kaye Chon PhD, Chair Professor & Head, School of Hotel and Tourism Management, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University "This is timely book, providing excellent insight into issues of cross cultural behaviour in tourism. The authors provide an interesting array of topics to guide a student's understanding of cross cultural issues as well as how to research these issues. Both Reisinger and Turner are well regarded for their research in this area and this book further demonstrates their contribution to better understanding of cross cultural issues." Beverley Sparks PhD Professor Hotel Management and Dean, International School of Tourism and Hotel Management Griffith University, Australia "This seminal book provides a new and important perspective to cross-cultural host-guest behavior in the new globalizing world... The book is a must read for tourism educators as well as tourism marketers and managers." Valene L. Smith, PhD, Professor, California State University, California USA "At last! A book on what tourism is really about: cross-cultural behaviour. Reisinger and Turner offer an in-depth look at important issues in tourism behaviour and the measurement of key concepts. This book is a unique product that should be required reading for all involved in international tourism." "Reisinger and Turner's book provides an excellent overview of the relationships between tourism and cultural difference. The authors have incorporated a range of helpful questions for readers and supply a wide range of back-up resources which will be appreciated by both lecturers and students." Brian King PhD, Professor and Head School of Hospitality, Tourism and Marketing, Victoria University, Australia and Joint Editor-in-Chief, Tourism, Culture and Communication "This book provides a thorough theoretical synthesis of the literature in tourism cross-cultural behavior covering more than 1,000 unique citations. Great value because the authors provide both broad and deep coverage of expected and less familiar journals and reference books. For scholars, it's not too be missed." Arch Woodside, PhD, Professor of Marketing, Boston College, USA "An excellent text and a must-read for both upper level undergraduates and graduate students studying tourism management sciences. This book brings to light the national norms and values of the host community and the impact they have on the tourist behaviour and ultimately the satisfaction of the tourists' visit." Jerome F. Agrusa, PhD, Professor of Travel Industry Management, Hawaii Pacific University, USA "This well researched book is a valuable contribution to the expanding body of literature that seeks to better understand cross-cultural relationships in global tourism." Mike Robinson , PhD, Professor and Director of Centre for Tourism and Cultural Change, Sheffield Hallam University, UK and Editor- in-Chief, Tourism and Cultural Change This book is refreshing and contributes greatly to the understanding of cultural differences in tourism. The application orientation of cross-cultural behavior makes it attractive for service providers in both private and public sectors alike. It also provides important information for both scholars and practitioners in its treatment of cross-cultural behavior from both a conceptual and empirical standpoint. Muzaffer Uysal, PhD, Professor of Tourism Research, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA, Joint Editor-in-Chief, Tourism Analysis: An Interdisciplinary Journal Frederic Dimanche, Ph.D. Professeur Marketing Directeur, Center for Tourism Management, CERAM Sophia Antipolis Graduate School of Management and Technology, France "Overall, this text provides an excellent resource to any postgraduate students and academics who are intereseted in applying Principle Components, Factor Analysis or Structural Equation Modelling to a tourism example...I have no doubt that this will be a very useful resource to readers interested in the cross-cultural exchange between hosts and guests in tourism; readers interested in consumer psychology aspects of tourism and readers interested in implementing statistical techniques in research." Maree Thyne, The Scottish Cenre of Tourism, The Robert Gordon University, UK

Table of Contents

Preface; Introduction; Concepts of cross cultural behaviour in tourism: Culture; Social contact; Values; Rules of social interaction; Perception; Satisfaction; Methods for cross cultural analysis in tourism; Principal components and factor analysis for cross cultural analysis; Structural equation modelling for cross cultural analysis; Applications of cultural analysis in tourism: Cultural analysis: marketing and management implications: Conclusions; Index