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Criminal Law

Combining the best features of a casebook and a textbook, this classic text deals with substantive criminal law, and explores the principles, sources, distinctions and limitations of criminal law. Definitions and elements of crimes are explained, and defenses to crimes are thoroughly analyzed. Strengths continue to be the comprehensive footnotes, coverage of the federal criminal code, and specific recognition of the common law origins of modern law. Federal law coverage is now consolidated into two chapters.

Each chapter contains a list of key terms that are defined in the glossary, guidance to help the student understand what is important in each chapter, as well as a new Legal News section that highlights current criminal law issues. Part II gives students the opportunity to read real cases, with aids to help them identify the issues and holdings.


Published: May 2009

Imprint: Anderson Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-59345-504-0


  • 1. Defining Crime

    2. Principles of Criminal Liability

    3. Capacity and Defenses

    4. Preparatory Activity Offenses

    5. Offenses Against Persons-Excluding Sex Offenses

    6. Offenses Against Persons-Sex Related

    7. Offenses Against Property-Destruction and Intrusion Offenses

    8. Offenses Involving Theft

    9. Forgery and Other Fraud Offenses

    10. Offenses Involving Morality and Decency

    11. Offenses Against Public Peace

    12. Offenses Against Justice Administration

    13. United States Criminal Code: Offenses Against Persons and Property

    14. United States Criminal Code: Offenses Against: Morality and Decency; Public Peace; Justice Administration

    15. Corporate and Computer Crime

    Part II: Judicial Decisions Relating to Part I


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