Criminal Law


  • Joycelyn Pollock

This classic introduction to criminal law for criminal justice students combines the best features of a casebook and a textbook. Criminal Law covers substantive criminal law and explores its principles, sources, distinctions, and limitations. Definitions and elements of crimes are explained, and defenses to crimes are thoroughly analyzed. A unique strength of Criminal Law is its discussion of the federal criminal code and the specific recognition of the common-law origins of modern law.
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Students and beginning professionals in the criminal justice field.


Book information

  • Published: August 2012
  • ISBN: 978-1-4557-3052-0


"Criminal justice students will find this text to be a combination of a casebook and a textbook…This edition provides new expanded coverage of terrorism and associated law."--Evidence Technology Magazine, July-August 2013
"This introductory textbook/casebook for students in criminal justice covers both roots of the law and modern legal issues in substantive criminal law. The 10th edition contains recent Supreme Court cases, plus current news boxes on topics such as violent video games, virtual child pornography, and insider trading."--Reference and Research Book News, December 2012

Table of Contents

1. Defining Crime

2. Principles of Criminal Liability

3. Capacity and Defenses

4. Preparatory Activity Offenses

5. Offenses Against Persons-Excluding Sex Offenses

6. Offenses Against Persons-Sex Related

7. Offenses Against Property-Destruction and Intrusion Offenses

8. Offenses Involving Theft and Deception

9. Offenses Involving Morality and Decency

10. Offenses Against Public Peace

11. Offenses Against Justice Administration

12. United States Criminal Code: Offenses Against Persons and Property

13. United States Criminal Code: Other Offenses 

Part II: Judicial Decisions Relating to Part I

Part III: Constitution of the United States of America, Glossary, and Table of Cases