Crash Course: Pharmacology book cover

Crash Course: Pharmacology

Covering all aspects of the syllabus, Crash Course offers students a fast way to recap on what they need to know to get through the exams with ease. Styled in an easy-to-follow, readily accessible format, each book is prepared by senior medical students or junior doctors - under faculty supervision - to give them the correct level of information perfectly tailored to current curricula requirements. The series now includes improved pedagogic features and a fully revised self-assessment section, updated to meet current examination needs.

Medical undergraduate students in early years of course

Paperback, 248 Pages

Published: April 2012

Imprint: Mosby

ISBN: 978-0-7234-3630-0


  • 1. Introduction to Pharmacology: Molecular basis of pharmacology, Drugs and receptors, Pharmacokinetics, Drug interactions and adverse effects, Drug history and drug development
    2. Cardiovascular System: The heart, The circulation, Haemostasis and thrombosis, The blood and fluid replacement
    3. Respiratory System: Basic concepts, Obstructive airways diseases, Respiratory stimulants and pulmonary surfactants, Antitussives and mucolytics
    4. Peripheral Nervous System: Nerve conduction, Somatic nervous system, Autonomic nervous system, Nitrergic nervous system
    5. Central Nervous System: Basic concepts, Parkinson's disease and parkinsonism, Dementia, Anxiety and sleep disorders, Affective disorders, Psychotic disorders, Nausea and vertigo, Epilepsy, Drug misuse, The eye
    6. Endocrine and Reproductive Systems: The thyroid gland, The endocrine pancreas and diabetes mellitus, Adrenal corticosteroids, The reproductive system, Bone and calcium
    7. Kidney and Urinary System: Basic concepts, The kidney , Diuretics, Urinary system
    8. Gastrointestinal System: The stomach, Nausea and vomiting, The intestines, The pancreas and gall bladder
    9. Pain and Anaesthesia: Basic concepts, Opioid analgesic drugs, Headache and neuralgic pain, Local anaesthesia, General anaesthesia
    10. Inflammation, Allergic Diseases and Immunosuppression: Inflammation, Allergic disorders and drug therapy, Immunosuppressants
    11. Infectious Diseases: Antibacterial drugs, Antiviral drugs, Antifungal drugs, Antiprotozoal drugs, Anthelmintic drugs
    12. Cancer: Concepts of cancer chemotherapy, Cytotoxic chemotherapy, Endocrine chemotherapy, Immunotherapy


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