Crash Course: Gastroenterology book cover

Crash Course: Gastroenterology

Paperback, 312 Pages

Published: July 2008

Imprint: Mosby

ISBN: 978-0-7234-3470-2


  • Part I: The Patient Presents With:
    1: Indigestion 2: Swallowing problems 3: Acute abdominal pain 4: Chronic abdominal pain 5: Abdominal distension 6: Weight loss and anorexia 7: Vomiting 8: Haematemesis and melaena 9: Diarrhoea 10: Rectal bleeding 11: Anaemia 12: Jaundice 13: Abnormal liver biochemistry. Part II: Diseases and Disorders: 14: Oesophagus 15: Stomach 16: Small intestine 17: Colon 18: Liver 19: Biliary tract 20: Pancreas. Part III: History, Examination and Common Investigations: 21: Taking a history 22: Examination of the patient 23: Writing up a medical clerking 24: Common investigations Part IV: Self-assessment: Multiple-choice questions (MCQs). Short answer questions (SAQs). Extended matching questions (EMQs). Patient-management problems (PMPs). MCQ answers. SAQ answers. EMQ answers. PMP answers.


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