CP Violation

Edited By

  • L. Wolfenstein

The articles collected in this volume are mainly concerned with the phenomenological description of the 1964 discovery on K° decay that CP invariance was violated in nature. The variety of models developed to explain this CP violation are described together with reprints of more recent definitive experiments, and CP violation in the system and the electric dipole moment of the neutron is also covered.
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Book information

  • Published: December 1989
  • Imprint: NORTH-HOLLAND
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-88114-4

Table of Contents

Preface. 1. History. Contributors: J.H. Christenson, J.W. Cronin, V.L. Fitch, L. Landau, T.D. Lee, R. Oehme, R. Turlay, C.N. Yang. 2. CP Violation in K° Decay. Contributors: V.V. Barmin et al., J.S. Bell, H. Burkhardt et al, C.P. Enz, C. Geweniger et al., P.K. Kabir, R.R. Lewis, J. Steinberger, T.T. Wu, C.N. Yang. 3. Models of CP Violation. Contributors: J. Bernstein, G.C. Branco, N. Cabbibo, H.-Y. Cheng, G. Ecker, W. Grimus, T.D. Lee, R.N. Mohapatra, L.B. Okun, J.C. Pati, J. Prentki, M. Veltman, S. Weinberg, L. Wolfenstein. 4. The Standard Model. Contributors: I.I. Bigi, J. Ellis, M.K. Gaillard, F.J. Gilman, B. Guberina, M. Kobayashi, P. Krawczyk et al, T. Maskawa, D.V. Nanopoulos, R.D. Peccei, A.I. Sanda, M.B. Wise, L. Wolfenstein. 5. Neutron Electric Dipole Moment. Contributors: I.S. Altarev et al., R.J. Crewther et al, I.B. Khriplovich, A. Nelson, R.D. Peccei, E.M. Purcell, H.R. Quinn, N.F. Ramsey, J.H. Smith, A.R. Zhitnitsky.