Course of Theoretical Physics, Volume 6

Fluid Mechanics

  • L. D. Landau
    • E. M. Lifshitz, Institute of Physical Problems, USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow, USSR
    • Translated from Russian by

      • J. B. Sykes
      • W.H. Reid

      Deals with the theory of the motion of liquids and gases. All matters of physical interest are fully discussed giving a clear picture of the phenomena and their interrelations.
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      For advanced undergraduates, postgraduates and researchers in theoretical physics. Also mechanical engineers and materials scientists.


Book information

  • Published: August 1987
  • Imprint: PERGAMON
  • ISBN: 978-0-08-033933-7


... the two distinguished authors have given an almost complete survey of the field. Their lucid and penetrating analysis, combined with a sound physical understanding and a clear presentation of the subject, will certainly influence the writings of future authors. Without doubt researchers and ... students ... will consult this comprehensive and inspiring treatise on fluid mechanics and will profit from the wealth of information. The book will find its place on the shelves of all libraries covering the mechanics of liquids and gases.
Mathematics Abstracts, 1989

A classic in the field of fluid mechanics... The book's character endures. The modernisation. The major topics of fluid mechanics are selected and presented in a sensible order with a feel for their relative importance. The chief physical points of each topic are described clearly but briefly... The translation is smooth.
IOP Publishing Ltd., October 1989
This book will continue to be a rich source of understanding of fluid mechanics for adequately prepared readers... But for those who would like tobe able to reason their way through fundamental fluid mechanics consistently, and find they need some guidance, there is no better aid than Landau & Lifshitz's Fluid Mechanics.
Journal of Fluid Mechanics (VOL 205), August 1989
Has lasting calue as a reference text.
The International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow, December 1989

Table of Contents

Prefaces to the English editions. E M Lifshitz. Notation. Ideal fluids. Viscous fluids. Turbulence. Boundary layers. Thermal conduction in fluids. Diffusion. Surface phenomena. Sound. Shock waves. One-dimensional gas flow. The intersection of surfaces of discontinuity. Two-dimensional gas flow. Flow past finite bodies. Fluid dynamics of combustion. Relativistic fluid dynamics. Dynamics of superfluids. Index.