Course of Theoretical Physics, Volume 2 book cover

Course of Theoretical Physics, Volume 2

The Classical Theory of Fields


Published: June 1980

Imprint: Pergamon

ISBN: 978-0-08-025072-4


  • The clarity of style, the conciseness of treatment and the originality and variety of illustrative problems make this a book which can be highly recommended.

    Proceedings of the Physical Society


  • (partial) Preface to the 6th Russian edition, 2nd and 3rd English editions

    The principle of relativity

    Relativistic mechanics

    Charges in electromagnetic fields

    The electromagnetic field equations

    Constant electromagnetic fields

    Electromagnetic waves

    The propagation of light

    The field of moving charges

    Radiation of electromagnetic waves

    Particle in a gravitational field

    The gravitational field equation

    The field of gravitational bodies

    Gravitational waves

    Relativistic cosmology



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