Counterespionage for American Business book cover

Counterespionage for American Business

The idea of espionage has always carried a certain mystique, having grown its roots in the political and national defense spheres. Today, espionage must be taken seriously in the business arena as well. Having company secrets stolen by competitors is costly and can be lethal. Counterespionage for American Business is a how-to manual for security professionals that teaches secret methods counterespionage experts have been using for years to protect business informationSecret techniques you will learn include:· screening employee applicants; how to use standard screening methods to defend against industrial espionage and violent persons· how to design security education programs by teaching protection of critical business information· how to avoid liabilityCounterespionage for American Business also names the foreign countries that are conducting espionage against American business.

Security managers, infosec/OPSEC professionals

Paperback, 144 Pages

Published: May 1998

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-7044-9


  • '...this is an excellent primer for security professionals embarking on a counterespionage program. It will also appeal to readers responsible for information security, human resources, security management, and risk assessment.' - Security Management


  • Counterespionage: Your Mini-Manual * What You're Losing-And How to Protect It * Operations Security-Counterespionage Behind the Scenes * How to Protect Your People * How To Protect Your Automated Information * Principles and Premises-Advice From the Professionals * Three Formulas for Success * Consequences * Resources


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