Cost Control book cover

Cost Control

A Strategic Guide

The current economic climate has meant that cost control is firmly back on the corporate agenda. This edition maintains that all too often, costs are cut in a way that is actually detrimental to the company in the short and long-term. The author highlights and examines the many pitfalls managers face, and suggests a more flexible model which will offer stability and sustainability in the modern global marketplace.Getting maximum results out of organisational resources while minimising costs will continue to rank as one of the main strategic issues facing managers for many generations to come.

Managers; CEOs; CFOs; accountants and anyone looking to control costs in a corporate environment.

Paperback, 220 Pages

Published: June 2002

Imprint: Cima Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-85971-517-8


  • Glossary; 1: Adjusting to Continuously Changing Times; 2: The Corporate Budget Process - moving beyond the incremental approach; 3: Outsourcing Non-core Activities; 4: Efficiency or Effectiveness? - the role of performance management; 5: Tracing the Real Costs of Organisational Activities - activity-based costing; 6: Overhead Value Analysis; 7: Cost Responsibility and Cultivating Cost Awareness; 8: The Cost and Value of Information Technology; 9: Strategic Reappraisal - The Ultimate Thrust in Cost Control; Bibliography; Index.


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