Corrosion of Magnesium Alloys book cover

Corrosion of Magnesium Alloys

The use of magnesium alloys is increasing in a range of applications, and their popularity is growing wherever lightweight materials are needed. This book provides a comprehensive account of the corrosion of magnesium alloys. It covers not only the corrosion performances and mechanisms of Mg alloys in conventional environments, such as sodium chloride solutions, but also looks at their corrosion behaviours in special media, like engine coolants and simulated body fluids.

Part one covers fundamentals such as the corrosion electrochemistry, activity and passivity of magnesium and its alloys. Part two then considers the metallurgical effect in relation to the corrosion of magnesium alloys, including the role of micro-structure and earth-rare elements, the corrosion behaviour of magnesium-based bulk metallic glasses, and the corrosion of innovative magnesium alloys. Part three goes on to describe environmental influences on the corrosion of magnesium alloys, such as atmospheric corrosion, stress corrosion cracking, creep and fatigue behaviour, and galvanic corrosion. Finally, part four is concerned with various means of protecting magnesium alloys against corrosion through the use of aluminium electrodeposition, conversion and electrophoretic coatings, and anodisation.

With its distinguished editor and team of contributors, this book is an invaluable resource for metallurgists, engineers and designers working with magnesium and its alloys, as well as professionals in the aerospace and automotive industries.

Hardbound, 656 Pages

Published: March 2011

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84569-708-2


  • …a useful addition to any library dealing with materials… I highly recommend this book., Materials World


  • Part 1 Fundamentals: Corrosion electrochemistry of magnesium (Mg) and its alloys; Activity and passivity of magnesium (Mg) and its alloys. Part 2 Metallurgical effects: Corrosion of magnesium (Mg) alloys and metallurgical influence; Role of structure and earth-rare elements on the corrosion of magnesium (Mg) alloys; Corrosion behaviour of magnesium (Mg) based bulk metallic glasses; Corrosion of innovative magnesium (Mg) alloys. Part 3 Environmental influences: Atmospheric corrosion of magnesium (Mg) alloys; Stress corrosion cracking (SCC) of magnesium (Mg) alloys; Corrosion creep and fatigue behaviour of magnesium (Mg) alloys; Magnesium (Mg) corrosion: A challenging concept for degradable implants; Corrosion of magnesium (Mg) alloys in engine coolants; Numerical modelling of galvanic corrosion of magnesium (Mg) alloys; Non-aqueous electrochemistry of magnesium. Part 4 Corrosion protection: Electrodeposition of aluminium (Al) on magnesium (Mg) alloys in ionic liquids; Corrosion protection of magnesium (Mg) alloys using conversion and electrophoretic coatings; Anodisation and corrosion of magnesium (Mg) alloys.


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