Corrosion Control for Offshore Structures book cover

Corrosion Control for Offshore Structures

Cathodic Protection and High-Efficiency Coating

A variable game changer for those companies operating in hostile, corrosive marine environments, Corrosion Control for Offshore Structures provides critical corrosion control tips and techniques that will prolong structural life while saving millions in cost. In this book, Ramesh Singh explains the ABCs of prolonging structural life of platforms and pipelines while reducing cost and decreasing the risk of failure.

Corrosion Control for Offshore Structures places major emphasis on the popular use of cathodic protection (CP) combined with high efficiency coating to prevent subsea corrosion. This reference begins with the fundamental science of corrosion and structures and then moves on to cover more advanced topics such as cathodic protection, coating as corrosion prevention using mill applied coatings, field applications, and the advantages and limitations of some common coating systems. In addition, the author provides expert insight on a number of NACE and DNV standards and recommended practices as well as ISO and Standard and Test Methods. Packed with tables, charts and case studies, Corrosion Control for Offshore Structures is a valuable guide to offshore corrosion control both in terms of its theory and application.


Corrosion Engineers, Inspection Engineers, Pipeline Engineers, Pipeline Operators, Pipeline Construction Contractors, Pipeline Designers, Maintenance/Facility Managers, Maintenance Supervisors, Operations Engineers and Managers

Hardbound, 254 Pages

Published: August 2014

Imprint: Gulf Professional Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-12-404615-3


  • Section I: Basic Concepts of Corrosion

    Chapter 1: Need for the Study of Corrosion

    Chapter 2: Corrosion Principles and Types of Corrosion

    Chapter 3: Corrosion Control and Monitoring

    Section II: Anodes Material and Testing

    Chapter 1: Anode Materials

    Chapter 2: Anode Testing and Quality Control

    Section III: Cathodic Protection of Offshore Structures

    Chapter 1: Offshore Structures

    Chapter 2: Cathodic Protection of Fixed Offshore Structures

    Chapter 3: Cathodic Protection of Offshore Pipeline Risers and Associated Equipment

    Section IV: Coating and High Efficiency Coating Systems

    Chapter 1: Coating for Corrosion Prevention

    Chapter 2: High Efficiency Coating and Cathodic Protection

    Chapter 3: Testing of High Efficiency Coating Materials and their Efficiency

    Section V: Maintenance of CP Systems and Retrofitting to Continue Cathodic Protection

    Chapter 1: Introduction to Retrofitting

    Chapter 2: Corrosion Control for Existing Offshore Pipelines

    Chapter 3: Corrosion and CP System Assessment Methods

    Chapter 4: New Approach to Cathodic Protection Design for New Pipelines

    Chapter 5: Attenuation Modeling for Offshore Pipelines

    Section VI: International Bodies and Specifications that Address Corrosion and Explanation of Symbols, Constants, and Indices

    Chapter 1: International Bodies that Address Corrosion

    Chapter 2: Commonly Used Constants, Quantities, and Symbols


    Reading List and Bibliography



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