Correctional Counseling and Rehabilitation book cover

Correctional Counseling and Rehabilitation

This text presents foundations of correctional intervention, including overviews of the major systems of therapeutic intervention, diagnosis of mental illness, and correctional assessment and classification. Its detailed descriptions and cross-approach comparisons can help professionals better determine which of several techniques might be especially useful in their particular setting.


Published: November 2009

Imprint: Anderson Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-4224-6140-2


  • Part One: A Professional Framework for Correctional Counseling

    1. The Process of Correctional Counseling and Treatment

    2. Understanding the Special Challenges Faced by the Correctional Counselor in the Prison Setting

    Part Two: Historical Foundations of Correctional Counseling and Treatment

    3. Psychoanalytic Therapy

    4. Radical Behavioral Interventions

    5. Early Approaches to Group and Milieu Therapy

    Part Three: Offender Assessment, Diagnosis, and Classification

    6. Diagnosis and Assessment of Criminal Offenders

    7. An Overview of Offender Classifi cation Systems

    Part Four: Contemporary Approaches to Correctional Counseling and Treatment

    8. Social Learning Models

    9. Cognitive Therapies

    10. Family Therapy

    Part Five: Effective Correctional Intervention: What Works?

    11. Treating Sexual Offenders

    12. Treating Substance Abuse in Offender Populations

    13. Treating Antisocial Offenders

    14. Correctional Treatment: Accomplishments and Realities


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