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Coronary Artery Disease - ECAB

Coronary artery disease or CAD is the end result of the process of accumulation of atheromatous plaques within the walls of the arteries supplying the myocardium. Atherosclerosis is a chronic systemic disease process, affecting all the vascular beds in body and many factors responsible for its evolution have been identified. A rising incidence of this disease among people of Indian origin and an emerging role of genetic factors leading to atherosclerosis necessitates modifications in ourstrategies to handle it. The importance of the risk factors in causation of the disease need to be emphasized even more and masses need to be educated about the role of lifestyle modifications in its management. Further, early detection of preclinical or sub-clinical disease would add another dimension to the overall preventive strategy for this condition.

This book is designed to update the readers on the evergrowing list of risk factors for CAD and the increasing significance of lifestyle modifications in prevention of the disease. Besides these, the therapeutic approach towards this chronic disease and methods of early detection has also been discussed. Typical supportive case scenarios are also included to exemplify and highlight the various points discussed. Thus, it provides an excellent opportunity to widen one’s perspective in this area.


Published: April 2009

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-81-312-3172-2


  • Introduction

    Emerging Risk Factors for Coronary Artery Disease

    Early Detection of Sub-clinical Atherosclerosis

    Behavioral Management of Coronary Artery Disease

    Medical Management of Coronary Artery Disease

    Clinical Case Scenario: Story of a Life Time

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