Controversies in White-Collar Crime book cover

Controversies in White-Collar Crime

Original writings explore the issue of white-collar crime and the controversies that surround it, focusing on the vastness of state-corporate and white-collar crime, the victimization that results, and the ways these crimes affect society environmentally, politically, economically and personally.

Paperback, 260 Pages

Published: July 2001

Imprint: Anderson Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-58360-514-1


  • 1. Thinking About White-Collar Crime

    2. White-Collar Crime

    3. State-Corporate Crime in a Globalized World: Myth or Major Challenge?

    4. Toward an Understanding of Academic Deviance

    5. A Critical Model for the Study of Resource Colonialism and Native Resistance

    6. Toxic Crimes and Environmental Justice: Examining the Hidden Dangers of Hazardous Waste

    7. The Scandalization of America: Political Corruption in the Postmodern Era

    8. Downsized by Law, Ideology and Pragmatics - Policing White-Collar Crime

    9. Globalization, State-Corporate Crime, and Women: The Strategic Role of Women’s NGOs in the New World Order

    10. States, Corporations and the ‘New’ World Order


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