Controversies in Victimology


  • Laura Moriarty

Controversies in Victimology features original works of noted scholars and practitioners, aiming to shed light on the debates over, the media attention on, and the psychology behind victimization. This book discusses the controversies from all sides of the debate, and attempts to reconcile the issues in order to move the field forward.
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Book information

  • Published: October 2008
  • ISBN: 978-1-59345-568-2

Table of Contents

1. Balancing Criminal Victims’ and Criminal Defendants’ Rights

2. Victim Blaming

3. Same-Sex Intimate-Partner Violence - Lifting the Veil of Denial

4. The Mass Media and Victims of Rape

5. Should Victims Have the Right to Meet with Their Offenders?

6. Fear of Crime and Victimization

7. Cyberstalking - What’s the Big Deal?

8. Victim Impact Statements - Fairness to Defendants?

9. Victim-Offender Programs in Correctional Settings -- Can They Effectively Bridge Divergent Perspectives?

10. Female Sex Offenders - Does Anyone Really Get Hurt?

11. Reconciling the Controversies - Is Education the Panacea?