Controversies in Critical Criminology book cover

Controversies in Critical Criminology

These original essays introduce students to the complex and influential field of critical criminology. It presents many of the theories of critical criminology - Marxist, Feminist, Left Realist, Postmodern, Constitutive, Peacemaking, and Restorative Justice - and explores how, despite their distinctions, each theory is rooted in radical criminology, and all are critical of mainstream criminology.


Published: January 2003

Imprint: Anderson Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-58360-521-9


  • 1. Marxist Criminology

    2. Feminist Criminology

    3. Left Realism on Inner-City Violence

    4. Postmodern Justice and Critical Criminology: Positional, Relational, and Provisional Science

    5. Constitutive Criminology

    6. Cultural Criminology

    7. Peacemaking Criminology

    8. Restorative Justice: A Paradigm of Possibility

    9. Crimes of the State

    10. Crime and Embodiment

    11. Masculinities, Femininities and Homicide: Competing Explanations for Male Violence

    12. Accounting for Hate Crime


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