Controlling Volatile Emissions at Hazardous Waste Sites


  • John R. Ehrenfeld

An extensive evaluation of emission control technologies, models for estimating air emissions, and properties and categorization of wastes.
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Managers and engineers at hazardous waste sites.


Book information

  • Published: December 1986
  • ISBN: 978-0-8155-1063-5

Table of Contents

Part A: Evaluation of Emission Control TechnologiesIntroduction Objective Framework for the Analysis Hazardous Waste Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facility-Definitions and Descriptions Controls/Definitions and DescriptionsControls for Surface Impoundments Surface Impoundment Description Emission Sources and Models Potential Controls Effectiveness of Surface Impoundment ControlsControls for Tanks Tank Description Emission Sources and Models Potential Controls Effectiveness of Tank ControlsLandfills Landfill Description Emission Sources and Models Controls EffectivenessLand Treatment Facilities Description Emission Sources and Models Controls EffectivenessPart B: Evaluation of Models for Estimating Air EmissionsIntroductionSummary and Conclusions Introduction Availability and Selection of Mass Transfer Coefficients (K-Values) Selection of Most Appropriate AERR Models Waste Treatment Processes Open Tank with Mixing Waste PilesAERR Model Validation Efforts Reported in the LiteratureReview of Surface Impoundment AERR Models Introduction Nonaerated Surface Impoundments Aerated ImpoundmentsReview of Landfill AERR ModelsReview of Land Treatment AERR ModelsStorage Tank Air Emission Estimation Techniques Introduction Fixed Roof Tanks External and Internal Floating Roof Tanks Other Storage Tank Models Special ConsiderationsAir Emission Estimation Techniques for Wastewater Treatment Processes Introduction Open Tank System-No Mixing Open Tank-Mixing: Biological Treatment SystemsAir Emissions from Drum Storage and Handling Facilities Introduction Description of Drum Storage and Handling Facilities Source of Volatile Air EmissionsParticulate Emissions Estimation Techniques for Waste PilesPart C: Properties and Categorization of WastesIntroductionMethodology Physical-Chemical Properties Data Gathering/Estimation MethodsData Gathering and Categorization ResultsSummary and RecommendationsAppendices