Controlled Particle, Droplet and Bubble Formation book cover

Controlled Particle, Droplet and Bubble Formation

The ability to control particle size distributions and to characterize them once formed is an increasingly important topic in the processing industry. Many standard processing techniques are looked at in this book, but from new and innovativeperspectives. Well established techniques such as crystallization and precipitation are covered alongside newer technologies such as sol-gel processing. Formation of products using emulsions, aerosols and polymers covered in this book are used across a wide variety of processing industries and all those involved in the processing of chemicals, food, minerals bioproducts and many other products will find this book an informative reference source.

Process engineers in processing industries such as chemical, foods, pharmacueticals, minerals and biotechnological


Published: March 1994

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-1494-8


  • CONTENTS INCLUDE: Preface; Sol-gel processing; Formation of monodisperse inorganic particulates; Particle formation during agglomerative precipitation processes; Computational studies of the morphology of molecular crystals through solid-state intermolecular force calculations using the atom-atom method; Aerosol formation; Bubble nucleation and growth; Emulsions and droplet size control; Particle size of emulsion polymers; Microencapsulation - techniques of formation and characterisation; Production of vesicles of defined size; Control of solid particle comminution; On-line measurement and control of particle production and handling processes.


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