Containment Systems: A Design Guide book cover

Containment Systems: A Design Guide

This is the only book that covers containment, specifically for the process industries. This Guide covers the range of containment equipment from simple air-flow control devices to enclosures that restrict exposures to well below a microgram per cubic meter averaged over a working day. The selection of a particular containment system for a particular transfer operation can be difficult because of the wide choice available. This Guide provides a structured approach to the selection process.

Process Engineers, Safety Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Process Plant Designers, Manufacturing Plant Designers, Safety Consultants

Hardbound, 199 Pages

Published: November 2002

Imprint: Gulf Professional Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-7506-7612-0


  • Introduction to the Guide; Legislation; Occupational Hygiene Aspects of Containment; Typical Industrial Operations Requiring Containment; Principles for the Design of Containment Systems; Development of a Containment Strategy; Containment Equipment Types; Control of Wastes and Emissions; Operation and Maintenance of Containment Devices; Validation; Glossary; Appendices


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