Consumption and Management

New Discovery and Applications


  • Bingxin Wu, Shizhen Institute of Biology, China

The author's consumption theory has been known as the new ideas, new theories and new contribution to the reform and development in China. In practice, the author has rich experience of the Chinese state-owned large enterprise, and personal experience of building a business empire second to the postal system in China from a small firm to the comprehensive largest privately owned enterprise with 640 affiliated companies, 13,500 workstations, and 157,000 employees. In the fermentation field of medicine, he has 20 patents, two of which are international patents. These techniques have made some of the Chinese medicines more efficient, safe and non-toxic for the effect of conservation treatment. Therefore, this book has two parts: 1) new discovery of consumption and its significance and 2) application of the theoretical findings in real life management.
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Students and academics in Asian studies


Book information

  • Published: October 2011
  • Imprint: Chandos Publishing
  • ISBN: 978-1-907568-07-7

Table of Contents

The academic status and theoretical constitution of consumption; Classical theories of consumption; Consumption and economic law; The macro-control system on the consumption market; Consumption, the fundamental driving force of economic development; Consumption, distribution and taxation; The consumption chain; Consumption and surplus value; Consumption and the progress of social civilization; Thinking methods and consumption practice; The law of thought and leadership management; Leadership management art and method; National macro leadership management; Enterprise leadership management; Marketing leadership management; Family consumption and wealth management; Enterprise leadership management under China’s national conditions.