Consumer Behaviour in Sport and Events

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  • Daniel Funk, is a professor of Sport Marketing with the Griffith Business School, Gold Coast, Australia. Dr Funk has established an international reputation in the area of Sport Marketing with an emphasis in Sport Consumer Behaviour.

Consumer Behaviour in Sport and Events emphasises the role of consumer behaviour in sport marketing. Given the social, economic, and environmental benefits of sport events, the challenge for marketers is to understand the complexity of sport and event participation. Through a heightened understanding of consumer behaviour, marketers are able to develop communication strategies to enhance the experience, while identifying key elements of the consumer’s decision-making process. This book provides students and industry professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the current marketing challenges facing professionals working in the sport and event industries. This comprehensive text covers a wide range of determinants that influence both active recreation and passive spectator participation, and offers the reader:• A detailed understanding of the personal, psychological and environmental factors that influence sport and event related consumer behaviour • A basis for the development of marketing actions useful in sport and related business, community and government sectors • A comprehensive understanding of how individuals associate themselves with sport and event products and services• A quick and simple segmentation tool to guide discussion of marketing actions and strategies for four stages of involvement with sport and events• A comprehensive events checklist to help understand marketing actions related to the development, promotion and delivery of a sport event. Sport and event consumer behaviour is a rapidly growing area of interest and this book is considered a valuable resource for those involved in the sport and events industries from students to marketers to academics.
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Primary: 2nd and 3rd year undergraduates studying on sports management and events management courses, core modules include: sports event management, sports marketing, sports management and sports sales and sponsorshipSecondary: Postgraduates on sports and events courses; professionals working in sport and event management; general marketing courses in services management and consumer behaviour


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  • Published: September 2008
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-8666-2


‘Dr. Funk makes two very important contributions with this book – he provides a comprehensive look at sport consumer behaviour and he discusses its relevance to practice such that the reader can immediately begin to think about how to put this knowledge to work.’ Jay Gladden, Ph.D, Associate Dean Isenberg School of Management, University of Massachusetts

Table of Contents

Preface Acknowledgements About the Author Part 1 provides the reader with an introduction to sport consumer behaviour followed by a comprehensive understanding of motivation and a discussion of sport marketing activities.Chapter 1: Introduction to Sport Consumer Behaviour Chapter 2: Sport Consumer Motivation Chapter 3: Sport Consumer Decision Making Chapter 4: Sport Marketing ActionPart 2 provides the reader with a comprehensive understanding of Awareness, Attraction, Attachment, and Allegiance with marketing strategies to promote sport consumption within each stage and concludes with a discussion of perceived constraints that modify or inhibit behaviour. Chapter 5: Sport Awareness Chapter 6: Sport Attraction Chapter 7: Sport Attachment Chapter 8: Sport Allegiance Chapter 9: Constraints to Sport Consumption Part 3 provides an “Event Management Checklist: A Functional Guide to Preparation and Success” to help understand marketing actions related to the development, promotion and delivery of a sport event. 1) Administrative Services 2) Facilities and Support Services3) Special Events and Services