Construction Calculations Manual


  • Sidney Levy

Construction Calculations is a manual that provides end users with a comprehensive guide for many of the formulas, mathematical vectors and conversion factors that are commonly encountered during the design and construction stages of a construction project. It offers readers detailed calculations, applications and examples needed in site work, cost estimation, piping and pipefitting, and project management. The book also serves as a refresher course for some of the formulas and concepts of geometry and trigonometry. The book is divided into sections that present the common components of construction. The first section of the books starts with a refresher discussion of unit and systems measurement; its origin and evolution; the standards of length, mass and capacity; terminology and tables; and notes of metric, U.S, and British units of measurements. The following concepts are presented and discussed throughout the book: Conversion tables and formulas, including the Metric Conversion Law and conversion factors for builders and design professionals Calculations and formulas of geometry, trigonometry and physics in construction Rudiments of excavation, classification, use of material, measurement and payment Soil classification and morphology, including its physicochemical properties Formulas and calculations needed for soil tests and evaluations and for the design of retaining structures Calculations relating to concrete and masonry Calculations of the size/weight of structural steel and other metals Mechanical properties of wood and processing of wood products Calculations relating to sound and thermal transmission Interior finishes, plumbing and HVAC calculations Electrical formulas and calculations Construction managers and engineers, architects, contractors, and beginners in engineering, architecture, and construction will find this practical guide useful for managing all aspects of construction.
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  • Work in and convert between building dimensions, including metric
  • Built-in right-angle solutions
  • Areas, volumes, square-ups
  • Complete stair layouts
  • Roof, rafter and framing solutions
  • Circle: arcs, circumference, segments


Book information

  • Published: September 2011
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-382243-7

Table of Contents

1. The National Institute of Standards and Testing (NIST)2. Conversion Tables and Conversion Formulas3. Calculations and Formulas-Geometry, Trigonometry, and Physics in Construction4. Site Work5. Calculations Relating to Concrete and Masonry6. Calculating the Size/Weight of Structural Steel and Miscellaneous Metals7. Lumber-Calculations to Select Framing and Trim Materials8. Fasteners for Wood and Steel-Calculations for Selection9. Calculations to Determine the Effectiveness and Control of Thermal and Sound Transmission10. Interior Finishes11. Plumbing and HVAC Calculations12. Electrical Formulas and Calculations