Constitutional Rights of Prisoners book cover

Constitutional Rights of Prisoners

This text details critical information on all aspects of prison litigation, including information on trial and appeal, conditions of isolated confinement, access to the courts, parole, right to medical aid and liabilities of prison officials. Highlighted topics include application of the Americans with Disabilities Act to prisons, protection given to HIV-positive inmates, and actions of the Supreme Court and Congress to stem the flow of prison litigation. Part II contains Judicial Decisions Relating to Part I.


Students and professionals in the criminal justice field. Correctional libraries.

Paperback, 950 Pages

Published: January 2010

Imprint: Anderson Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-59345-503-3


  • 1. An Overview of the Judicial System

    2. Administrative Law

    3. Use of Force; Use of Corporal Punishment to Enforce Prison Discipline

    4. Prisoners’ Rights to Visitation/Association; Searches

    5. Prisoners’ Rights to Use of the Mail, Internet and Telephone

    6. Isolated Confinement - "The Hole" and Administrative Segregation

    7. Religion in Prison

    8. Legal Services

    9. Prisoner Disciplinary Proceedings

    10. Right to Rehabilitation Programs, Right to Medical Aid,and Right to Life

    11. Additional Litigation

    12. Parole and Probation

    13. Litigation against Government and Individuals

    14. The Prison Litigation Reform Act

    15. Selected Federal Statutes Affecting Prisoners

    Part II: Judicial Decisions Relating to Part I


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