Conservation of Fish and Shellfish Resources book cover

Conservation of Fish and Shellfish Resources

Managing Diversity

Fish and shellfish comprise annually nearly 70-million tons of the world's edible animal protein. However, because of this demand, previously vast stocks have often been exhausted to the point of near extinction. The first book of its kind in the area of freshwater/marine biodiversity, this extensive work reviews the present status of genetic resource management, its needs and constraints, various intervening human factors such as pollution and overfishing, and problems posed by different species and life-styles. This discussion of the conservation of fish and shellfish resources is illustrated by four diverse groups: Atlantic salmon, cupped oysters, common and Chinese carp, and Nile tilapia. These results, produced by the collaboration of nine leading population and production geneticists, aquaculturists, and behavioral and developmental ecologists should become a fundamental resource useful to biologists, scientists and advisors exploring current issues in the fishery sciences.

The primary audience of this book would be university and government planners and scientists, resource managers and administrators, conservation bodies, and aquaculture developers. It will also be useful as a source book for graduate and postgraduate students, and lecturers in fish biology, genetics, conservation, genetics, and ecology; as well as a reference for fishery managers, producers, and exploiters.

Hardbound, 206 Pages

Published: June 1995

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-690685-1


  • "Overall, the volume provides extensive references and will prove valuable for those dealing with issues of conservation of aquatic diversity."


  • P. Day and M. Strauss, Part I: Summary:J.E. Thorpe, G.A.E. Gall, J.E. Lannan, C.E. Nash, and B. Ballachey, The Need to Manage Fish and Shellfish Genetic Resources.Human Interventions and Genetic Risks.The Conservation of Genetic Resources through Risk Management.Status of Aquatic Genetic Resource Management.References.Appendix.Part II: Management Studies:J.E. Thorpe and L. Stradmeyer, The Atlantic Salmon.D. Hedgecock, The Cupped Oyster.G.W. Wohlfarth, The Common Carp and Chinese Carps.A.E. Eknath, The Nile Tilapia.References.Subject Index.


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