Confocal Scanning Optical Microscopy and Related Imaging Systems book cover

Confocal Scanning Optical Microscopy and Related Imaging Systems

This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the field of scanning optical microscopy for scientists and engineers. The book concentrates mainly on two instruments: the Confocal Scanning Optical Microscope (CSOM), and the Optical Interference Microscope (OIM). A comprehensive discussion of the theory and design of the Near-Field Scanning Optical Microscope (NSOM) is also given.The text discusses the practical aspects of building a confocal scanning optical microscope or optical interference microscope, and the applications of these microscopes to phase imaging, biological imaging, and semiconductor inspection and metrology.A comprehensive theoretical discussion of the depth and transverse resolution is given with emphasis placed on the practical results of the theoretical calculations and how these can be used to help understand the operation of these microscopes.

Optical scientists, engineers, materials scientists, semiconductor testing engineers, biologists in testing instrumentation, and graduate students in these areas.

Hardbound, 335 Pages

Published: August 1996

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-408750-7


  • Introduction. Instruments. Depth and Transverse Resolution. Phase Imaging. Applications. Appendix A: Vector Field Theory for Depth and Transverse Resolution of a CSOM.


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