Condition Assessment of Aged Structures book cover

Condition Assessment of Aged Structures

Any structural system in service is subject to age-related deterioration, leading to potential concerns regarding maintenance, health & safety, environmental and economic implications. Condition assessment of aged structures is an invaluable, single source of information on structural assessment techniques for marine and land-based structures such as ships, offshore installations, industrial plant and buildings. Topics covered include:

  • - Current practices and standards for structural condition assessment
  • - Fundamental mechanisms and advanced mathematical methods for predicting structural deterioration
  • - Residual strength assessment of deteriorated structures
  • - Inspection and maintenance of aged structures
  • - Reliability and risk assessment of aged structures
Professionals from a broad range of disciplines will be able to gain a better understanding of current practices and standards for structural condition assessment or health monitoring, and what future trends might be.

Hardbound, 552 Pages

Published: October 2008

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84569-334-3


  • …cohesion between the 17 detailed chapters is excellent., Materials World
    …invaluable to owners and operators of ships, oil rigs, bridges and other large assets such as fixed and mobile mining equipment., Materials World
    …sections on fatigue and reliability will be useful to anybody concerned with managing dynamically loaded equipment such as crushing mills, mobile plant and handling equipment., Materials World


  • Part 1 Current practices: Current practices in condition assessment of aged ships and floating offshore structures; Current practices in condition assessment of aged fixed-type offshore structures; Definition and assessment of deficiencies in building construction. Part 2 Mechanisms, mathematical models and preventive measures for age-related deterioration: Corrosion wastage in aged structures; Fatigue cracking in aged structures; Local denting and other deterioration in aged structures. Part 3 Residual strength of aged structures: Corroded structures and residual strength; Cracked structures and residual strength; Dented structures and residual strength. Part 4 Reliability of aged structures: Reliability of aged ship structures; Reliability of aged offshore structures; Reliability of aged land-based structures. Part 5 Inspection and maintenance: Inspection of aged ships and offshore structures; Inspection of aged land-based structures; Maintenance of aged ships and offshore structures; Maintenance of aged land-based structures; Risk-based inspection and maintenance of aged structures.


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