Concrete Structures

Protection, Repair and Rehabilitation


  • R. Dodge Woodson, General contractor and master plumber

The success of a repair or rehabilitation project depends on the specific plans designed for it. Concrete Structures: Protection, Repair and Rehabilitation provides guidance on evaluating the condition of the concrete in a structure, relating the condition of the concrete to the underlying cause or causes of that condition, selecting an appropriate repair material and method for any deficiency found, and using the selected materials and methods to repair or rehabilitate the structure. Guidance is also provided for engineers focused on maintaining concrete and preparing concrete investigation reports for repair and rehabilitation projects. Considerations for certain specialized types of rehabilitation projects are also given. In addition, the author translates cryptic codes, theories, specifications and details into easy to understand language. Tip boxes are used to highlight key elements of the text as well as code considerations based on the International Code Council or International Building Codes. The book contains various worked out examples and equations. Case Studies will be included along with diagrams and schematics to provide visuals to the book.
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Civil Engineers, Construction Engineers, Builders, Structural Engineers, Earthquake Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Materials Scientists, and Architects


Book information

  • Published: July 2009
  • ISBN: 978-1-85617-549-4

Table of Contents

Introduction Chapter 1 Chemistry of ConcreteChapter 2 Evaluation of the Concrete in Concrete StructuresChapter 3 Non-destructive Testing Methods Chapter 4 Causes of Distress and Deterioration of ConcreteChapter 5 Planning and Design of Concrete RepairChapter 6 Self Repair ConcreteChapter 7 Concrete Removal and Preparation for RepairChapter 8 Materials and Methods for Repair and RehabilitationChapter 9 Maintenance of ConcreteChapter 10 Specialized RepairsConcrete 11 Investigation ReportsAppendix A ReferencesAppendix B Glossary