Concise Histology book cover

Concise Histology

CONCISE HISTOLOGY, by Leslie P. Gartner, PhD and James L. Hiatt, PhD, thoroughly reviews all the histology knowledge required for the USMLE Step 1 in an easy-access outline format. Designed for students who need to learn a large amount of material in a limited time, it presents key information in a readable, concise manner, accompanied by full-color illustrations that clarify complex concepts. Online access via Student Consult includes an online testing centre providing students with class style tests using electron and photomicrographs, cross referenced to the corresponding sections of the textbook.


Medical students, NPs, and HP students

Paperback, 352 Pages

Published: July 2010

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-0-7020-3114-4


  • 1 Introduction to Histology and Basic Histological Techniques  

     2 Cytoplasm  

     3 Nucleus  

     4 Extracellular Matrix  

     5 Epithelium and Glands  

     6 Connective Tissue  

     7 Cartilage and Bone  

     8 Muscle  

     9 Nervous Tissue  

    10 Blood and Hemopoiesis  

    11 Circulatory System  

    12 Lymphoid (Immune) System  

    13 Endocrine System  

    14 Integument  

    15 Respiratory System  

    16 Digestive System: Oral Cavity  

    17 Digestive System: Alimentary Canal  

    18 Digestive System: Glands  

    19 Urinary System  

    20 Female Reproductive System  

    21 Male Reproductive System  

    22 Special Senses  




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