Concepts and Techniques in Genomics and Proteomics book cover

Concepts and Techniques in Genomics and Proteomics

Concepts and techniques in genomics and proteomics covers the important concepts of high-throughput modern techniques used in the genomics and proteomics field. Each technique is explained with its underlying concepts, and simple line diagrams and flow charts are included to aid understanding and memory. A summary of key points precedes each chapter within the book, followed by detailed description in the subsections. Each subsection concludes with suggested relevant original references.

Undergraduate and post graduate students within biotechnology; Academics and researchers in other fields, such as life sciences, microbiology, biochemistry, medicine and bioinformatics

Hardbound, 268 Pages

Published: July 2011

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-907568-10-7


  • Introduction to genes and genomes; The human genome project; Genomes of model organisms; High capacity vectors; DNA sequencing methods; Genome mapping; Genome sequencing methods; Genome sequence assembly and annotation; Functional genomics; Introduction to proteomics; Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis of proteins; Mass spectrometry for proteomics; Protein Identification by Peptide Mass Fingerprinting (PMF); Protein sequencing techniques; Phosphoproteomics; Glycoproteomics.


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