Computer Vision on Mobile Devices book cover

Computer Vision on Mobile Devices

Computer Vision on Mobile Devices describes the latest developments in mobile computer vision, including design choices and methodologies for adapting computer vision algorithms to mobile hardware and software. It explains the challenges of mobile devices, such as power consumption, limited memory/storage, and low networking bandwidth, showing how they differ from PC platforms, and suggests techniques and applications that mitigate them.

Learn how to leverage emerging applications of computer vision to provide innovative and rich interactive experiences for users of mobile devices. The book covers the key issues of computer vision: object recognition, face detection, gesture recognition, and 3D object reconstruction, using example applications to illustrate the mobile device challenges of each. It surveys the landscape of platforms, software, and processors and how they impact mobile application decisions, and describes how other sensors built into mobile devices, such as accelerometers, can be useful in tackling computer vision problems. As a member of Intel’s perceptual computing group, the author also offers guidance on the CV roadmap that Intel has outlined for the post-PC era.


Researchers and software engineers in computer vision looking to understand the needs of mobile devices.

Paperback, 456 Pages

Published: November 2014

Imprint: Morgan Kaufmann

ISBN: 978-0-12-417045-2


    1. Introduction
    2. Object and Scene Recognition
    3. Face Detection and Recognition
    4. Human Activity and Gesture Recognition
    5. 3D Object and Scene Reconstruction
    6. Sensor Fusion
    7. Platforms
    8. Software and SDK’s
    9. Processors
    10. Intel’s Role and Roadmap
    11. Conclusions


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