Computer Incident Response and Forensics Team Management book cover

Computer Incident Response and Forensics Team Management

Conducting a Successful Incident Response

Computer Incident Response and Forensics Team Management provides security professionals with a complete handbook of computer incident response from the perspective of forensics team management. This unique approach teaches readers the concepts and principles they need to conduct a successful incident response investigation, ensuring that proven policies and procedures are established and followed by all team members.

Leighton R. Johnson III describes the processes within an incident response event and shows the crucial importance of skillful forensics team management, including when and where the transition to forensics investigation should occur during an incident response event. The book also provides discussions of key incident response components.


Information security professionals and consultants of all levels, incident responders, security managers, digital forensics analysts, digital forensics investigators, law enforcement officers, private investigators, government security officers. Criminal Justice students, Computer Security students, and Forensics students.

Paperback, 352 Pages

Published: November 2013

Imprint: Syngress

ISBN: 978-1-59749-996-5


  • “The book explores the right subjects. It provides the right warnings, focal points, and pitfalls. It stays clearly away from technical details, but does, for instance, present tools with strengths and weaknesses. Unlike other books, it does look at the situation outside of the US. In forensics, you need to prove competence beyond doubt. For a team manager, this book is not a bad start for building that proof.”, July/August 2014

    "Ultimately, this book is about protecting the organisation - and not just against the hackers...Getting your response right is all about teamwork, and this book is a helpful guide for putting together the best team for the job."--Network Security ,February 2014


  • Introduction and definitions

    The Stages of Incident Response

    Security Incident Response Team Members

    Incident Evidence

    Incident Response Tools

    Incident Response Policy and Procedures

    Legal Requirements and Considerations

    Government Policy and Procedures

    Forensics Process

    Forensics Team Requirements

    Forensics Team Policy and Procedures

    Management of Forensics Evidence Handling

    Forensics Tools

    Legalities of Forensics

    Forensics Team Oversight

    Corporate Management

    Relationship Management



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