Computed Radiation Imaging book cover

Computed Radiation Imaging

Physics and Mathematics of Forward and Inverse Problems

Computer-assisted imaging with radiation (x- and gamma rays) is an integral part of modern medical-diagnostic practice. This imaging technology is also slowly finding its way into industrial applications. Although the technology is well developed, there is a need for further improvement to enhance image quality, reduce artifacts, minimize patient radiation exposure, compete with and complement other imaging methods (such as magnetic resonance imaging and ultrasonics), and accommodate dense and large objects encountered in industrial applications.

Scientists and engineers, attempting to progress this technology, are faced with an enormous amount of literature, addressing the imaging problem from various view points. This book provides a single source that addresses both the physical and mathematical aspects of the imaging problem in a consistent and comprehensive manner.


Researchers working in the field of radiation-based imaging

Hardbound, 302 Pages

Published: May 2011

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-12-387777-2


      1. Radiation Imaging
      2. PART I - The Forward Problem

      3. Radiation Transport
      4. Measurement Models
      5. Transmission
      6. Emission
      7. Scattering
      8. PART II - The Inverse Problem

      9. Features
      10. Formulation
      11. Preprocessing of Measurements
      12. Matrix-Based Methods
      13. Functional Optimization
      14. Analytic Methods
      15. Probabilistic Methods
      16. Incomplete Problems
      17. Testing
      18. Post-Processing: Image Enhancement


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