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Computational Methods in Water Resources

These volumes contain the proceedings of CMWR2002, which was hosted by the Faculty of Civil Engineering & Geosciences at Delft University of Technology. The interest in this meeting was truly overwhelming: around 230 papers from leading scientists were submitted and accepted for publication in the proceedings. The actual scope of the meeting was much broader than the title "Computational Methods in Water Resources" might suggest. Not only traditional hydrological topics like surface water and groundwater hydrology were covered, but also modern topics like coupled reactive transport, multiphase flow, pore-scale network modeling, remediation techniques, optimization, groundwater-surface water interactions and data assimilation. A quick glance through the Table of Contents of these two volumes immediately shows the richness of the material presented during the four days of the conference. New conceptual models, experimental methods, upscaling techniques and parameter estimation procedures were introduced. Nevertheless, the emphasis was still on the development of new accurate and robust computational techniques.


Published: June 2002

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-50975-8


  • ...provide an excellent reference for readers who want to get a quick view of the current status in the field of computational methods.
    L. Pan, Vadose Zone Journal, 2003


  • Volume I. Preface. Organizing Committees. Unsaturated Flow. General Groundwater. Multiphase Flow Modeling and Experiments. Numerical Methods for Multiphase Flow. Fractured Media. Numerical Methods for Subsurface Processes. Density Dependent Flow and Transport. Modeling Reactive Solute Transport. Coupled Flow and Reactive Transport in Groundwater. Analytical Element Method. Water Resources Management. Remediation Methods and Biodegradation. Author Index. Volume II. Preface. Organizing Committees. Mathematical and Numerical Modeling for Subsurface and Surface Problems. Eulerian - Lagrangian Methods (ELLAM). Pore Scaline Modeling. Upscaling. Stochastic Modeling. Data Assimilation. Optimization. Ecohydrology. Surface Water - Groundwater Interactions. Watershed Modeling. Shallow Water Modeling. Rivers, Channels and Overland Flow. Surface Water Transport and Quality. Precipitation. Computational Methods in the Classroom. Late Paper. Author Index.


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